Cordy Juice

Also referred as: Cordy Juize, Jus Cordy

Price: RM399 per box or RM135 per bottle*

Contents per box: 3 bottles of juice (3x300 ml)

Consumption method: 30 ml per serving, 1-2 servings per day

Main ingredients:
1. Tissue cultured cordyceps (Cordyceps Militaris)
2. 20 types of high antioxidant fruits
3. Hexagonal technology blended water

1. Removes free radicals and toxic from body.
2. Anti-inflammation, anti-tumor.
3. Rejuvenates the function of heart, lungs and kidneys.
4. Slows down aging process.
5. Enhances sexual energy of men and women.
6. Increases energy and stamina
7. Enhances immune system.
8. Assists in mental power and prevents senile.
9. Helps in breathing problems, reduces fatigue and joint pain.
10. Improves the performance of blood circulation, regulates blood pressure and cholestrol.

* - Price does not include delivery to East Malaysia

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