Cordy Cafe

Also referred as: Cordy Coffee, Kopi Herba Diraja, Cordy Café

Price: RM49 per box or RM2.50 per sachet*

Contents per box: 23 x 20g sachets of coffee powder

Consumption method: Stir well 1 sachet of coffee powder in 150 ml of hot water, drink 1-2 times per day.

Main ingredients:
1. Tissue cultured cordyceps (Cordyceps Militaris)
2. Arabica coffee beans

1. Reduces risk of cancer, especially colon cancer.
2. Improves the function of digestive system.
3. Reduces risk of heart diseases.
4. Reduces risk of Parkinson's disease.
5. Reduces the problem of formation of gallstones.

* - Price does not include delivery to East Malaysia

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